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We're Presidents Club winners. We have nearly 30 years of award-winning practical sales experience, sales training and consulting and have attended some of the biggest named programs in the sales training business.  We have sold multi-million dollar products and services and have trained every generation of today's worker- from the Silent Generation to the Generation Y, from the new college grad to the CEO, and everyone in between.  

We love and appreciate the art of selling and decided it was time to change direction and to share our experience to help others.  

Our proven, engaging and cost-effective sales force development and training programs and workshops are custom-designed to meet the pedagogical needs of your sales force..

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SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading Behavioral Style model. It  has been used by thousands of organizations to improve leadership  performance and sales results. SOCIAL STYLE is used by global  organizations and leading executives because it’s highly effective, yet  easy to understand and apply. Years of research into workplace success  have shown that people are one of four SOCIAL STYLEs, each with their  own preferred way of acting, thinking and making  decisions. Understanding those preferences, and applying Versatility  strategies, helps you determine the best way to interact with everyone  more successfully.

THE POWER OF SOCIAL STYLE IS VERSATILITY. Because SOCIAL STYLE is based on observable behavior, you can quickly  identify a person’s preferences and make informed choices to make that  person comfortable. This ability to moderate your behavior is what we  call Versatility. The SOCIAL STYLE Assessment measures Versatility and  its subcomponents so learners can understand their strengths and  weaknesses when working with others. And SOCIAL STYLE training teaches  specific techniques to improve Versatility with people of each Style.

* AAC Business Consulting is an authorized trainer and reseller of TRACOM's SOCIAL STYLE® programs

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The mission of AAC Business Consulting is to help our clients create world-class sales organizations.

Executive Profile 

Dr. Renee Covell is our founder and is an award-winning sales officer for AAC Business Consulting. She earned her undergraduate degree in management from Moravian College, her MBA from DeSales University and her PhD in Organization and Management from Capella University. She is a published author, professor, sales professional and trainer and small business owner, and is currently researching the cognizant sales orientation of college graduates. 

"To me, selling is more than just a profession.  It's an interaction of many other careers rolled up into an art form- one that, in the end, is magnificent.  As sales professionals, we get to play "detective" in uncovering our clients' issues and problems; we get to play   "matchmaker" in finding solutions to our clients' problems; we may play  "therapist," when presenting solution(s) to take away their pain(s); and then finally, we get to become valued resources for them- when we do all of  the other things right.

If you think of "sales" or any of the steps in the process of selling as "things I have to do," or if you're not proud to declare your profession, then you are not in the right career.  Salespeople are truly blessed to be able  to sell.  And we want to help others find their own pallets and create their masterpieces.  

I started AAC Business Consulting for three primary reasons: 1- I've worked in and with many organizations who require sales candidates to have industry knowledge. Yet, time after time, I've seen "approved" industry-veteran sales candidates fail, costing their employers wasted years and thousands of dollars; I've seen hundreds of paper-qualified "diamond-in-the-rough" sales reps never hit their goals and I've seen companies hang on to "long-termers" and "likable" sales reps because, quite simply, they are "likeable," and not because they perform well.  As a college professor, I've had the opportunity to help many "traditional" students find their career fit, and for those who chose sales as their choice, nothing brings more fulfillment to me after helping them be successful in the classroom, than to help them achieve success in the field of sales.  2- sales is a social science as well as an art form.  It took me many years to incorporate the skills of adaptation and versatility in my own sales presentations.  The world works best when amazing relationships are created.  And in today's volatile climate, there's nothing quite like helping others learn how to become more versatile and improve their relationships.  The leadership and versatility skills I teach are applicable to both inside and outside of the business world, so helping in this way allows for me to help society as a whole, one person at a time;  3- I've attended many, many training programs over the years (taught them for other companies, too).  And one of the things that made me cringe is how expensive these programs are.  So I did my research, talked with those I've presented to or trained (see testimonials) and crunched the numbers, then created a very focused service line. This allows us to provide our clients with effective, proven sales programs that are affordable and engaging" to sales teams of all levels.  And for those areas that I do not focus on, I have a professional network of over 200 consultants that I can refer to for my clients.

AAC Business Consulting's Dr. Renee Covell, an award-winning sales and training leader.

AAC Business Consulting's Dr. Renee Covell, an award-winning sales and training leader.

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